From the establishment of the club, Billiard is founded as entertainment for club members to play on. National Billiard champion Sohrab Hossain is in charge of the Billiard of Dhaka Officers’ Club. Young and the elderly club members with their spouses participate in matches. Yearly competition is held on National Independence day and Victory day conducted by asub-committee with 15 members. This committee maintains the discipline of Billiard room, organizes Billiard competition, proposes action to the improvement of Billiard and rears responsibilities given by the executive committee/Secretary/President.
No. of Tables: : 2 pool and 4 Billiard tables. & Two and four players can play at each table.
Opening Hour : Every day from 3 pm to 11 pm & Reserved for club members and their children only
For Fee and Contact Click Here: : Subscription Fee: 200 tk. per member Contact Person: Name: Md. Sohrab Hossain Designation: Chief Maker Phone: 01750579214